Summit Point Majors: 1st: Marc Cefalo, 2nd: Chris Ciufo, 3rd: Peter Phillips

MEATHEAD Racing Wins at Majors; Mike Collins Comments on the Event

MEATHEAD Racing teammate Rob Hines had a stellar Majors race weekend in his Nissan T3 car. He won both days and set a new track record. I know Rob is throwing a new bullet in his SM to get ready for VIR. He’ll be one to watch next weekend for sure.

The Not-So-Majors

Last week I got to do something I haven’t done in a long time.  I went to watch races, not race. I didn’t see a need to register for the Summit Point Majors. There was no incentive, no end game, no once-in-a-year type of competition, nothing.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I love the WDCR. But just because we are the oldest and one of eight jumbo regions, it does not mean we deserve a Majors race. Spec Miata fielded a whopping 6 or 7 cars at the Majors; the regional race (MARRS 1) fielded about 30 cars just two weeks prior.

The format of both weekends was virtually the same except the Majors cost a lot more money. I love Summit Point, it’s my home track; but it’s not Sebring, Daytona, Road Atlanta, VIR, NJMP or Watkins Glen. Those are the only tracks on the East Coast that I think deserve a marquee-type race, be it a Majors or Super Tour.

The Majors should be elite competition. They should be an opportunity for drivers to hone their skills and see how they stack up against national talent and would-be, year-end runoffs competitors. I don’t think a single SM driver at the Summit Point Majors has any intention of going to the runoffs this year. None of the locals raced except Mr. Interdonato, who was a late entry. Marc Cefalo, Peter Phillips and Chris Ciufo put on a great show. Marc and Peter come to the MARRS series regularly and do well. I was happy to see them on the podium.

Mike Collins


Mike Collins Sets New Track Record!

I wasn’t planning on racing MARRS 1 this weekend. At the last minute though, some good friends stepped up and gave me an exceptional birthday present. Thanks to them, I won from the pole both days and set a new track record of 1:24.886 on Sunday! What a weekend!

Friday Test Day

The test day was typical MARRS 1 with winter gremlins rearing their heads as we sorted the cars out for the weekend. Rob, Joey and Neil showed a lot of speed and it was shaping up to be another epic MARRS battle. Nick went out with Ted in the Cahall Racing cars helping to sort the cars after a season of hibernation. With the benefit of having the most gross MARRS point in SM in 2017, I was gridded on the pole for qualifying with Rob and Neil right behind me. The plan for qualifying was to work the draft, trade if necessary, and shoot for the pole. After a couple of laps, Rob was close but couldn’t seem to get to my bumper.

Saturday Qualifying and Race 1

After qualifying on Saturday, I gave Rob a hard time for the lack of help. After looking at the data though, we decided where we could both improve. Saturday’s race was uneventful. I took the lead in turn two and never really looked back.

New Track Record During MARRS Feature Race

The conditions for Sunday were epic. After warm, sunny, spring days on Friday and Saturday, the clouds rolled in with a cold front and the temperatures dropped quickly into the low 40’s, setting up potential track-record type conditions.

The race on Sunday was as uneventful as the race on Saturday. My car was just on rails this weekend. In very unusual circumstances for SM, I was able to take the lead in turn two and never look back or be contested. With no challenge, I decide to put my head down and try to drive just a little faster each lap until I got the track record, burned the tires off, or ran into lapped traffic.

I was able to get below Tyler Kicera’s track record by scoring several laps in the low 1:25’s with my best being a 25.2. On the last lap, I decided to just let it sail. Coming out of turn 1 three-tenth’s of a second ahead on the data and gaining another tenth in turn 3, I ran into lapped traffic.  I was able to somehow pass the lapped cars and maintain my momentum scoring a 1:24.886 and bested the lap record by over 1 second and winning my second race of the weekend.

Race results for GRP 6 SM_SMT_SM2