Ted Cahall Wins DC Region Award

Known Ted Cahall since 2009 Driver’s School

I have known Ted Cahall since 2009 when he first called me to help him with the SCCA Road Racing Driver’s School.  He then became one of my ongoing racing clients.  He bought cars from Meathead Racing and proudly drove under the Meathead banner for several years.  Ted joined me at the SCCA Runoffs Championships three different years.  He also became the proud owner of two of my Sheetz sponsored racing machines.

More than just a tech executive

When Ted decided to race full time, I looked him up on the Internet and learned he was an executive at AOL at the time.  He was pretty unassuming as a rookie.   So I figured he was just a standard desk jockey executive looking for some weekend excitement.  I had no idea he actually had technical skills and could actually “do something” with them.

So I was a little surprised when Ted started to show the Meathead racing team the Internet program he developed that tracked the races and the points in the MARRS series.  This become the marrspoints.com program the racers now use to track their points standings for he season.  What used to take weeks when hand tabulated, now is often available in minutes after each race completes.  It is a pretty amazing tool as the season comes down to the final races.

Regional Executive Award

It was great being at the SCCA WDCR banquet this month and seeing Ted Cahall win the Regional Executive Award for the creation of marrspoints.com.  The racers use it and really appreciate it.  So it was good to see my longtime client and now friend be acknowledged for his volunteer work that he provided to the region to enhance our racing experience.  Congrats Ted!

Mike “Meathead” Collins